Sportsman's Condos

The SC-5

One of our biggest pure gun condos, the SC-5 features 3  sliding windows that open left and right. This large opening is perfect for today’s larger optics. And, the SC-5 is roomy with elbow room and space for your equipment.

78”H x 72” Round, 330 lbs

Price $1849 (US)
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Price includes base for 4×4 posts, window kit & door window kit
The SC-5 may be sold without the metal base for $1749 

Tree Branch Color Option Available for an additional $135.

Call Tres at (662) 448-0292 or to order Tree Branch color option.

The SC-5 Condo Camo Window Kit

Special design blocks game from seeing you while you can easily see them …. like a one-way mirror … 0nly with our exclusive HIDZ camo pattern!


Price – $64.99 (US)

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