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What is one piece construction? All Bass Hunter boats are solid, one-piece construction using Roto Molding Technology. We do not (nor will we ever) take a top and bottom half of a boat and rivet or glue it together like the cheaper models on the market. One piece construction is superior in design, strength and durability. The old saying “You get what you pay for” applies, especially in boats.


Is there foam inside? Bass Hunter uses foam technology that coats the inside of the boat. Inferior boats place blocks of styrofoam in them before they connect the two halves together.


Navigation How big of waves will it take? Use common boating sense and safe boating practices. Always wear a Coast Guard Approved personal floatation device.


 Will an outboard motor fit on it? Yes. However, you may need the Transom Extension kit. See the “Accessories” page at


 What is the rated horsepower for each boat? Please see  “Specifications and Capacity” for each model boat’s horsepower capacity.


Trolling Motor Size What size trolling motor do you recommend? A trolling motor with 55 lbs of thrust is good for most applications.


Is the boat pre-wired for a trolling motor? No. The molding process does not allow it like the inferior two piece boats. We will not trade strength and durability for wiring. The quickest (and easiest) method would be to run the wire under a floor mat. See our accessories page. You do have access to the inside of the boat through the storage bags … with some time, patience, and careful thinking, you could add a trolling motor plug. Just like in construction … think twice, cut once applies


How can I get a new one? Each new boat comes with a MSO. This is like the title to an automobile. Unfortunately, we cannot just issue MSO’s to just anyone. Please check with your State to see what the process is for a lost Title.


How do I register my boat? Each State has their own process. Check online. You will need the Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO) and the Bill of Sale. If you do not have to register the boat with your State….be sure to keep the MSO in a safe place should you ever decide to sell the boat or move to a State that requires registration.


What year was my boat made? The last 2 numbers on the Hull ID Plate tell you what year the boat was made.


How can I apply Registration Numbers to my boat? A qualIty spray on adhesive will adhere registration numbers to the boat.


What is the height of the seat? Seat height is 4 inches.


How high does the adjustable seat frame raise the seat? The Adjustable Seat Frame raises the seat up to 4 inches from its lowest setting.


Do I have to be home when the boat delivers to my house? Yes. The boats ship via Commercial Freight (Common Carrier). Someone will have to inspect the unit for any type of shipping damage and then sign accepting it. Commercial Freight is a delivery service, not a moving company. The Receiving Party is responsible for getting it off the truck. The simplest way is to slid it off the back. The Drivers are usually good about lending a hand. If you are physically unable you should request a lift gate service, which will lower the unit to the ground. The Freight Companies do charge a fee for this service. Discuss this with your Sales Person while placing the order. ONCE YOU SIGN THE PAPER WORK ACCEPTING THE BOAT, IT BECOMES YOUR PROPERTY.


What if my boat gets damaged during shipping? The Freight Carriers do a good job moving product all over the USA for us. Occasionally things happen out of our control. If the unit arrives and shipping damage is suspected. Remove the item from the box and inspect closely. The shipping boxes take abuse and can sometimes look pretty rough when they arrive … but the boat is fine inside. If the boat is truly damaged, tell the Driver you are refusing it because of damage. The Freight Company will return to us and upon receipt and inspection, we will ship a replacement unit. ONCE YOU SIGN THE PAPER WORK ACCEPTING THE BOAT, IT BECOMES YOUR PROPERTY.


Will my boat fit between the wheel well of a pickup truck? All Bass Hunters will fit between the wheel wells of a full-sized pickup truck. To aid in transporting your Bass Hunter see the Handling Dollie at page.


Drain Plug Does the boat have a drain plug? Yes, Bass Hunter boats come with 3/4″ removable drain plug. We sell replacement plugs or you can find sources online.


Will my boat get water in it? EVERY boat on the market can get water in it. What you do as the Owner can greatly impact the life and longevity of your boat. We suggest pulling the drain plug when not using and/or flipping the boat over with bottom facing up. We also sell a cover to help keep the elements off. See the accessories page

How do I get water out of my boat? Bass Hunters have two removable storage bags. You can access the inside of the boat by removing the storage bag. If you get some water in the boat stand it on its side and let drain. You can also pump water out or use a sponge to remove any water.


What are the weight limits of the boat? Please see the “Specifications and Capacity” page for each model boat.


I have an older boat … how do I repair a crack? We suggest searching online for an ABS plastic repair kit.

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