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High Wind Anchor Kit

High Winds?

Subject to high winds or perched up on a ridge? The “High Wind Anchor Kit” set, named after some Sportsman’s Condo customers in Kansas who turned us on to this, is a high winds anchor system used on conjunction with our Anchor Kit. These 28-inch long, powder paint coated “stakes” help secure your Sportsman’s Condo to the ground. Take the extra precaution and protect your investment.

High Wind Anchor Kits are easy to use…..simply pound into the ground at a 45-degree angle to the wooden 4×4 post. Secure with the included lag bolt and you are done! Lets face it, if Mother nature wants it bad enough…she is going to get it…but you sure can slow her down with the High Wind Anchor Kit.

Price – $39.99 (US)

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*All of us here at Southern Outdoor Technologies understand the importance of safety and highly recommend the High Wind Stakes Set along with all other hunting safety precautions.