Building the quietest, most stable, and durable 2-man boats for over 40 years – 
right here in America!

Bass Hunter boats are the industry standard for 2-man boats. Our one-piece, molded construction creates a boat that is stable, sturdy and long lasting. Maneuverable and transportable, all Bass Hunter boats fit in the bed of a full-sized pick-up truck. Bass Hunter’s Features add built-in comfort for the best fishing experience available. And, you can customize your boat with Bass Hunter Accessories 

Bass Baby

Compact, yet roomy and loaded with features and the long-lasting durability of one-piece construction.



Sleek and roomy with built-in features that make Bass Hunter the fisherman’s choice.



Our largest boat, loaded with all the features that make Bass Hunter the best 2-man boat available.


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Built to last with one-piece construction and these standard features:

Storage Bag Containers

Molded In Drink Holders

Molded In Carry Handles

Tall Side Rails

Transom Gussett

Foam Lined  Construction

Customize your Bass Hunter
with Bass Hunter Accessories

All models fit in the bed of a full-sized pickup truck. *Always wear a Personal Flotation Device.

Bass Hunter Videos

“This is why you DO NOT want a two piece boat.”


Fishing the Bass Hunter