Sportsman's Condos

The SC-3


The Condo with Room for the Whole Family!

The SC-3 allows the whole family to share in the experience! The SC3 is the perfect size for an adult and two children. This unit provides all the attention to detail and security of our smaller models.

Standard features include full size, lockable door, large quiet seal windows for maximum visibility and gun movement.

78”H x 66” Round, 330 lbs

Price $1699 (US)
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Price includes base for 4×4 posts, window kit & door window kit
The SC-3 may be sold without the metal base for $1599 

Tree Branch Option Available for an additional $125.

Call Tres at (662) 448-0292 or to order Tree Branch color option.

The SC-3 Condo Camo Window Kit

Special design blocks game from seeing you while you can easily see them …. like a one-way mirror … 0nly with our exclusive HIDZ camo pattern!


Price – $64 (US)

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