Sportsman's Condos

The SC-2


Our Most Popular Sportsman’s Condo!

The SC-2 is our most popular model. This two-person unit encompasses all the features of the original SC-1 but allows you to share your hunting experience with friends and family.

Moreover, it provides a safe and secure area from which to introduce your son or daughter to our storied hunting heritage.
76”H x 48”D x 72”L, 305 lbs.

Price $1499 (US)
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Price includes base for 4×4 posts, window kit & door window kit
The SC-2 be sold without the metal base for $1399 

Tree Branch Color Option Available for an additional $120.

Call Tres at (662) 448-0292 or to order Tree Branch color option.


The SC-2 Condo Camo Window Kit

Special design blocks game from seeing you while you can easily see them … like a one-way mirror … 0nly with our exclusive HIDZ camo pattern!


Price – $64 (US)

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