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Thanks for a great product.

First of all, I’d like to start off by saying thank you for a great product. It’s long past due to you at Sportsmen Condo. I purchased two of your original four foot round condos. You gave me a great deal because I ordered two.I bought them in either 2006 or 2007. I have a great memory, but it’s getting shorter the older I get. Both of them are withstanding the harsh Wisconsin winters and look just as good as the day we bought them.

 I’m sending a picture of a deer that I shot in 2009 that I have to give Sportsmen Condo complete and full credit, no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

 It was a Wednesday in November during Wisconsin gun deer season, the fifth day of the hunt. It was unseasonably warm that day. It was raining buckets that morning, with thirty mile per hour winds. I was really questioning what the heck I was even doing hunting in that weather. I was toasty warm and dry in my condo though. It was 9:30 and I had enough. As I was ready to leave my condo, I looked behind me, directly downwind of me, and there was a 150 inch ten pointer. The rest is history and a great memory. I truly believe I owe Sportsmen Condo that memory.

 Now the future purchase. I’m definitely getting a Crossbow Condo this spring.

Richard C. WI

Dos Does

These two young hunters hunted out of their Sportsman’s Condo this weekend and harvested two does. Congratulations, boys!

EZ Bracket Elevated Blind


Thanks for a GREAT product. The EZ-Bracket system made it very easy to
construct my elevated blind. I have attached a pic for you.

Satisfied Customer from North Michigan

Bow Condo Comes Through…Again!

Hi Mark,
The Bow Condo came through again this year, Here is a photo of the 6.5 yr old 9pt buck dressed weight of 230 pounds.
I had set up several times around the field edge to hunt two big bucks that I had seen just once in the past month. I had several bucks that I let go including a 150 class 10pt. I noticed that the deer would end up close to the bow condo that was set up in middle of the field in a tree island adjoining clover and corn. My best option was hunt out of the Bow condo and get in close.This buck and another buck never knew I was there, and I shot him at 25ft. I could not have had the opportunity without the Bow Condo. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to try the crossbow Condo.

EZ-Bracket Deer Stand

Fall is in the air and the deer stand is finally finished. It was built to hold a CLAM insulated ground blind with the platform at 6’x6’. The next one will have a deck size of 6’x8’ to give a little wiggle room to enter and exit the blind.
The brackets worked great and sometime this winter I’ll be ordering another set.

Marc R.

SC2 Bama Buck

Awesome buck taken from a Sportsmans Condo SC-2!

Frankie, AL

One Shot!

First Buck….One Shot!
Gavin “Dead Eye” B.

Dave Crossbow

Here is a picture of my Crossbow Condo. I am very pleased with it. I bought it for my wife, but it is large enough for both of us. I used 6′ posts which was plenty high for our situation. Our soil is soft so I added 2x4s cross ways on the leg bottoms for a wider footprint. Set up was easy, two of us did it in about 3hrs from start to finish. I strongly recommend buying the Condo Deck, makes entry easy plus makes the stand more sturdy. Hunting in comfort this year.


First Deer!

John G. from Mississippi with his first deer!

Bow Condo Buck


It is my pleasure to share a buck my nephew, Garrett R., shot yesterday morning (MO youth season) out of one of the Bow Condos I purchased from you a couple months ago.

Thanks a bunch man!
Robert G., MO