Frequently Asked Questions

How’s the Sportsman’s Condo going to make my hunting experience better?
By providing you with a safe, solid, no-rust/no-rot, keep you out of the weather blind that allows you to spend more quality time in the field.

What is the Sportsman’s Condo made of?
Durable, all-weather polyethylene for years of maintenance free use.

How long will it take to assemble?
All Sportsman’s Condo blinds come fully assembled. There are not seams, panels, or parts. This makes for a stronger, quieter blind. This is the advantage of “Solid Blind Technology.”

What is the floor made of?
The same material as the side and roof. Remember, the S.C. is one solid piece.

How can I elevate the S.C?
The S.C. can be elevated easily and quickly using our “All-In-One-Base” by simply using 4×4 posts for legs. It can also be used as a ground blind or you may do as some of our customers do…build their own platform to set it on.  This is one versatile unit!

Why do you use 4×4 treated posts instead of metal legs?
Several reasons. By using 4×4 posts you can vary the height of the S.C. depending upon your hunting situation. It also allows the hunter to move the stand easier if so desired.  It also saves you money by not shipping heavy metal poles all over the country.

How do you ship the S.C.?
Because of the size and weight the S.C. must be shipped commercial freight (Yellow Freight, FedEx Freight, Con-Way, etc).  Rates vary, please call for exact shipping numbers.

Can I have the SC shipped to my house?
Yes you can.  However, the freight companies charge an additional $25.00 residential delivery fee. To obtain the best shipping rate we suggest shipping to a business address.

My SC was damaged during shipping….what do I do?
Although the freight companies do an outstanding job, sometimes accidents happen.  When your unit arrives be sure to inspect it thoroughly.  If the unit is damaged  (which rarely happens) refuse delivery and do not sign the paperwork. Contact us immediately and we will work with the freight company directly to take care of the issue. Be advised, once you sign the paperwork, the freight company is relieved of all responsibility and the unit becomes your property.

How do I become a dealer?
We require a sales tax ID number. There is no minimum purchase. Please call for more details.

How do I fasten the S.C. to the ground?
We strongly recommend you to secure the SC to the ground for your safety and to protect your investment. We offer an Anchor Kit that allows you to quickly and easily fasten the SC to the ground. If you prefer not to purchase the Anchor Kit, there are several other ways to safely secure the unit.

I live in snow country….what about the snow load on the roof?
Because of our Solid Blind Technology, snow weight is no problem.  Unlike some of our competitor’s that make you purchase a “Snow Pole” to support their roof so it does not cave in.

Does the SC come with a warranty?
We do not have written warranty.  We will however, replace and defects in material or workmanship. We do not cover acts of God.

How do your windows work?
The optional Window Kit is designed to fold down, out of the way. It is completely silent and uses the same “Quiet Seal Technology” as the door. The window is an all-weather acrylic, and is held closed with a spring-loaded latch. We do not use sliding windows because they have been known to be noisy, can freeze shut, and restrict gun movement.

Can I lock the SC?
Yes, with a pad lock. Southern Outdoor Technology assumes no responsibility for any items left in a Sportsman’s Condo, even if locked.

Isn’t is loud inside when you shoot a firearm?
No. With the barrel pointed out the window (we do not recommend discharging the firearm inside the unit!) the solid wall of the S.C. actually acts as protection from the blast.

Can I bow hunt from the S.C.
Sportsmans Condo offers the Bow Condo and the Crossbow Condo designed with archery hunters in mind.

Do you have have any camouflage models? 
No. Our charcoal black color blends in nicely with the grey and black shadows seen during hunting season. If you feel the need to “camo” your Condo, use a spray paint made specifically for plastics. “Fusion” is one made by Dupont’s Krylon brand and bonds with the molecules in the polyethylene. It can be found in hardware and home improvement stores. See the Camo Condo page for ideals and patterns.

Is it bear proof?
Bears have a mind of their own and do what a Bear wants to do!

Is it rodent/pest proof?
Since there are no seams, panels the S.C. is pretty pest proof.  However, there could be some small openings around the door. We rec commend a fly strip for the inside if you are concerned about hornets or wasps during the off season.

Why does it say “10-legs Max” on your All-In-One-Base?
10-foot legs will put you at 14-foot eye level, which we found plenty high for 90% of hunting situations.  This limit is a liability issue, not a strength issue. (Insurance companies and attorney’s……gotta lov’em!)

How do I elevate the S.C with the All-In-One-Base?
The SC will come with a complete set of instruction and safety precautions. Basically, you will set the unit on its back, insert the legs, stand-up and cross-brace. Usually two healthy men can stand the unit upright.  The whole process takes just 30 minutes.

What how long will the S.C. last?
All S.C. models have UV protection built-in. Our engineers say 15 years+

Why is the window kit an option?
Some customers like open windows and some want close-able windows. Ordering a S.C. is like ordering a vehicle….order the options you want. The same applies with the All-In-One-Base?

Can I use a heater in the S.C.?
Only if approved for indoor use, a tent heater is an example.  Coleman makes several nice units approved for indoor use.  We recommend that you keep at least one window open for proper ventilation.  If you ever experience dizziness or  headache, immediately turn off the heater, open all windows and very carefully, exit the blind.