Sportsman's Condos

The Bow Condo

Bow Condo

The Bow Condo features

(3) – 16″ x 24″ Bow Windows

(4) 18″ x 9 ” Gun Windows


Plenty of Room & Perfect for Bow or Gun!

Our Sportsman’s Bow Condo features the same “solid blind technology” as our other best-selling Sportsman’s Condos: no rust, no rot construction, fully assembled with floor, sides and room all molded for a stronger, quieter blind. The 6 foot diameter, 7 foot tall Bow Condo allows plenty of room to draw your bow, and the 24”x16” vertical windows were designed with archers in mind. This blind also works equally well for gun hunters with an additional 5 – 16″ x 9″ windows that offer unmatched visibility. 82”H x 72” Round, 385 lbs.

Price $1899 (US)
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Price includes base for 4×4 posts, window kit & door window kit
The Bow Condo may be sold without the metal base for $1799 

Tree Branch Color Option Available for an additional $155.

Call Tres at (662) 448-0292 or to order Tree Branch color option.