The Bale Condo Blind

The Best Blind for All Agricultural Areas!

Concealment from Canadian wheat fields to mid west creek bottoms to southern food plots.

• Features “Solid Blind Technology”
• Weight 365 pounds
• Six windows-Five are 13.5″ x 9″
• Totally enclosed, Weather proof
• Floor…no more standing in the mud
• Hook to ATV and easily move locations
• Room to sleep in… beat that big buck back to his bedroom
• Great for Gun, Bow and Crossbow
• Applications: Whitetails, Turkey, Antelope, Bears, etc
• 79″ L x 72″ W x 64″ H


In agricultural areas from Alberta's wheat fields to Kansas creek bottoms to south Alabama food plots, The Bale Condo round hay bale design provides natural concealment. Features 6 windows and large enough to sleep in with hunting applications for Whitetail, Turkey, Antelope and Bear

Additional information

Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 72 × 64 in

20 in stock

Add Camo Windows

Camo Condo Window Kit

Special design prevents game from seeing you while you can easily see them …. like a one-way mirror … 0nly with our exclusive HIDZ camo pattern!