Sportsman's Condos

The ATC (All Terrain Condo) Blind

The ATC Blind

Sportsman’s Condo ATC “All-Terrain-Condo” designed as a pop-up style blind yet all the benefits of “Solid Blind Technology”.

Unlike traditional “pop-up” style blinds, the “ATC” blind will not fade, tear, or flap in the wind like fabric blinds. The All-Terrain-Condo does not have a floor…so it works on any type terrain. All the mobility of a pop-up blind with more room and weather protection.

Great for Bow, Crossbow, and Gun Hunters.

The ATC measures 60″D x 72″W x 66″H and weighs 225 pounds.

Standard configuration is two window openings in the front.

Side windows openings can be ordered for no additional charge.

Accessories include close able windows $16 per window and camo window covers $12 per window.

Price $799 (US)

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Price $799 (US)

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